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Contemporary Wedding Documentary photography Photo by Vincent


Photography by Vincent, assistant Sarah

“When I was walking down the aisle it felt like walking into my dream.”  _ Carmenza’s words along with the couple’s happy faces over a cup of coffee the morning after.

During the summer months I tend to connect with my european roots, and am thus also available for weddings on the other side of the ocean. Last summer Carmenza & Robert invited me as the photographer of their three days destination wedding in Greece. Friends had told me about the magic of the light in the Cyclades, but setting foot at the Canaves Hotel & Suites at Santorini I was simply blown away. Not only the magic of light, but the breathtaking crater view, and the endless movement of boats; big ferry boats, small ones, private motorboats or beautifully elegant yachts… a combination you just never can get enough of and for a photographer an irresistible sight to register in all of its aspects on sensible film.
Carmenza & Roberto were so excited about yet another, but for once unique, get together with their dear, crazy, funny friends in an amazing destination, that even for us it felt like meeting up with friends. Wine tasting, walking the streets of Oia to snap group shots, savour delicious greek cuisine. Recording all these memories was a true pleasure. We can not express enough our gratitude to have been part of this one guys!

TIP FOR BRIDES: Carmenza and Robert made a conscious choice for a splendid location with an incredible view so no decoration was needed and thus organisation a lot easier from distance.


Photo by Vincent


Photo by Vincent

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ZasilStudio_Destination_Wedding_Photographer-NA-003 Photo by Juan

Explosion of Color, tradition and culture.

Photography by Juan, assistant Jhancarlo

“A Hindu man does not become his complete self unless he is married and has the support of his wife.”

With the wedding of Neema and Ajay we offer moments of sensibility and emotion scattered over a full 3 days celebration. Both Neema and Ajay are wedding professionals and passionate about life, which gave them the comfortability to create and organise in a relative short time a series of very personalised events that only wedding professionals could have managed. Due to this short notice Vincent regretted strongly not to be able to shoot so Juan, one of our prime shooters and Jhancarlo had the chance to share 4 days with the couple and their guests at Kore Resort in Tulum. The hotel which was entirely reserved and transformed for this event of vibrant energy with a special attention for the LA Lakers since Neema is a huge fan of Kobe Briant. She not only used his number for the name of her business Weddingstore24 in Los Angeles, specialized in big indian weddings. The 24 was also integrated as a detail in her ring and Neema was super proud to wear his sneakers on her wedding day.

Indian weddings are known for having several ceremonies, a lot of symbolism and tradition, from which Neema and Ajay took to their destination wedding:

the MEHNDI CEREMONY: It is a common belief that the darker the color the mehndi leaves on the hands on a bride, the more she will be loved by her husband and mother-in-law. What is less known is that besides lending color to the hands, mehndi is a very powerful medicinal herb. As weddings are stressful, the application of mehndi is thought to prevent too much stress because it cools the body and keeps the nerves from becoming tense. This is the reason why mehndi is applied on the hands and feet, which house nerve endings in the body. The initial practice of applying mehndi in ancient times began in order to protect the couple and keep them healthy.

The bride and her family also did the Gouri Har POOJA in which the bride prays to Gouri and Shankar for a happy and strong marriage.

The HALDI CEREMONY: Here both the bride and the groom’s sides of the family take turns rubbing a mixture of turmeric, oil, and water into the skin and clothes of the bride and groom. The special concoction that is used in the Haldi Ceremony is supposed to simultaneously bless the couple and moisturizes their skin.

After the haldi ceremony Neema and Ajay invited their guests for a pool party where our photographer Jhancarlo accompanied them even into the water. At night they held the SANGEET PARTY where relatives and friends usually play the dholki and sing suhaag, which is a traditional folk song. Songs include ‘jokes’ about the in-laws, and would be husband how to have a successful marriage like and songs about the bride leaving her parents home. Here Ajay showed of his talent as a musician playing the Damaka, a traditional drum. Music embrasses Ajay life since he is DJ himself and he runs a business of DJ and sound system service for indian weddings.

The actual WEDDING SERVICE is fascinating because the parents and close relatives of the couple also participate. It includes several steps and the pundit chants mantras form the Vedas that were originally written in Sanskrit and there are many symbolic presences: Fresh flowersto signify beauty; Coconutto signify fertility; Rice and other grainsto signify the food necessary for sustenance of life; Ghee (purified butter)to feed the sacred fire; Kumkum (vermilion)red powder used for marking the forehead to signify good luck and to say that your soul (husband) is with you.

ZasilStudio_Destination_Wedding_Photographer-NA-011 Photo by Juan



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Photo by Juan

Photo by Juan


Photography by Vincent & Juan, Alfredo & Iago

The wedding of Daniela & Miguel brought together several of “the best of the best” of the wedding industry in the Riviera Maya. Left aside my team of 4 prime photographers, Solen is very experienced in organising not only weddings but also commercial events up to hundreds of persons. Together with the elaborated preparation from Monterrey by Daniela with a civil ceremony on the first day, a catholic ceremony at the famous Xcaret park and an incredible amount of details, it gave Daniela and Miguel’s wedding a particular personal touch and a pleasure to shoot.




After 2 days of wedding ceremonies, pictures and party I took Daniela and Miguel to one of the famous cenotes for an underwater session. My friend-photographer-fisherman and like a fish in the water himself, Iago is my man to assist and shoot with me.

TIPS FOR BRIDES: Daniela used a very brilliant necklace for the session that captures and reflects very nicely the light under water.

Contemporary Wedding Documentary photography

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 Photo by Juan

Love, Laugh, Live

Photography by Vincent, Alfredo & Juan

This must have been one of the first weddings I could count on the intensification of both super talents Alfredo and Juan by my side. Translating the particular style and energy of Taylor & Ryan, also reflected in the original flower and decoration by Euforia into vibrant, colourful images and giving start to a creative collaboration of several talents, different styles, high satisfaction.


Contemporary Wedding Documentary photography

Photo by Alfredo

Contemporary Wedding Documentary photography

Photo by Juan


Album design

By Jasive

Our in house editor and album designer Jasive was clearly as inspired by the result as we were while shooting. She dare to let her creativity run free and offer a truly personalized design.

Thank you Zasil Team!

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