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Contemporary Wedding Documentary photography

Photo By Vincent

Lady in red 

Photography by Vincent Ribon, assistants Alfredo & Melissa

Getting to know Alice was like opening a box full of surprises. She is simply overflowing with creativity which made their wedding full of original accents from a piñata in the brides room, very unique bridal jewellery to a bouquet made of antique broches offered by her friends on the bridal shower and a very cute Mexican styled wedding cake! Not only does Alice has thousands creative ideas, but her skills as a florist-decorator made a lot of the decoration hand made by the bride. Alice definitively had to travel with an extra suitcase to bring all the decoration with her. She even managed to convince her friends to travel with tons of golden silverware so the table set up would be just as she had imagined.  Decided on ‘elegancy’ as the leading inspiration for their wedding Alice and Paul asked for a black & white dress code, extended to the  table decoration, supplemented with golden accents. But after the ceremony at Banyan tree,  Alice surprised her guests, arriving as a blossoming flower in a glamorous red silk dress at the table in Rosewood‘s palapa; the only and splendid colour accent of the evening!

Contemporary Wedding Documentary photography   Photo by Vincent

Contemporary Wedding Photography


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  • Fotograf Gdansk - February 5, 2015 - 2:47 pm

    First what I thought it was: elegant and intimate. And then I noticed you included that in a title :) Pleasure to watch this stunning work!

  • zasil - February 5, 2015 - 3:16 pm

    Thanks! It’s nice to hear our images match the concept :)

Contemporary Wedding Documentary photography Photo by Vincent

Family business

Photography by Vincent Ribon, assistants Alfredo & Jasive

Weddings with a different culturale touch, I love it! But more than the particularities of the wedding I was so impressed by the beauty of the ladies, their hair arrangements and jewels. Straight form Eritrea they flew to Mexico, Playa del Carmen to celebrate “the start of this new family”, as Aman described their wedding to me. Family was obviously very important for this couple, not just because they live in the US and an important part of their families still live in Eritrea. But from the start their story was a family tail as Semmy and Aman met on a thanksgiving dinner through the friendship of Aman’s uncle with Semmy’s father. As they got married in church in LA with their intimate family, here the ceremony was not too important. Apparently what followed was what really seals the bond between the two families: The couple enters the reception on a traditional song while guests play drums, burn sparklers and dance around the couple, welcoming the groom “warrior” who brings his wife to his home and family. Then the coffee ceremony is a traditional and cultural habit when celebrating occasions and festivities. Coffee beans are roasted in front of the guests and the guests get to smell them to approve. After the coffee is made in a traditional pot called “Jebena” it is poured in small cups in front of the guests. So it is not just about the drinking of the coffee, as it is about celebrating the coffee making as well. Coffee being originally discovered in “our part of the world” as Aman proudly informed me.

Photo by Alfredo Photo by Alfredo


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Photo by Vincent Ribon

Never ending Story

Photography by Vincent Ribon, assistants Alfredo & Vincent

This wedding production is definitively one our crown jewels. Stephanie and Brett, beautiful young people from New York organised what seemed a never ending wedding story. They treated their guests during four days non stop with only the best. Every night had a special theme, reflected in the food, lavish decoration and even the brides appearance. What also impressed me was the way the wedding dinner/party was organised, very dynamic, which showed proof of experienced party organising talent! Let me introduce to you the mastermind behind all this: delicate of presence but a lion in business, Robin from New York. She took a crush on our Caribbean and Banyan Tree, Mayakoba in particular as the perfect luxury destination wedding venue were all the staff is attending to meet her high demands. Every single detail has to be just perfect and therefore she had her loyal team of decorators and florists flown in from New York City, with decoration and flowers including! We are excited to have exceeded her high expectations contributing to such a professional and opulent production. It pushed us to the top and expand our limits… the best stimulation for our creativity and skills, rewarded with a yet another publication in one of the most exclusive wedding style magazines: Grace Ormonde.


Contemporary & photojournalist Wedding Photography

Photo by Vincent Ribon

Contemporary & photojournalist Wedding Photography

Photo by Vincent Ribon

Knowing this was going to be a splendid production, we invited our talented friend and colleague Ben Norman from Pure Love Films to join once again our forces and develop one of our unique multimedia slideshows. A click on the image below will lead you to our vimeo page.

  Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 9.22.35 PM


To celebrate their first anniversary Stephanie and Brett came back to Playa del Carmen and asked me for an anniversary photo shoot. To complete the image collection we had shot during their four days wedding celebration I decided to get the most particular  aspects of our unique environment in the picture and invited them for an underwater session in a cenote, followed by some pictures at one of the most spectacular and yet virgin beaches of the area. Jump and take a dive with us…

TIP FOR BRIDES: Even if “Trash the Dress” session has become the latest fashion word in the wedding industry, we understand that you just aren’t very seduced by the idea of “trashing” that treasured gown. Besides the fact that getting into the water does not trash your dress at all (thats why we prefer to call it an underwater – or day after session), a good alternative is to buy one of those light fabric beach dresses. This will give you much more liberty in your movements and it often also gives nicer forms, as it floats easier in the water and you don’t have to be worrying one single minute if the dress is going to survive this experience; you can just relax and have fun!
Stephanie had a great idea by adding a big fantasy necklace to complete and balance her “lighter” outfit with an elegant touch.

Zasil Studio Wedding Photography

Photo by Vincent Ribon

Zasil Studio Wedding Photography

Photo by Vincent Ribon



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  • remi elkattah - January 22, 2015 - 12:46 am



    The ceremony will be at the guadalupe church in xcaret and the reception at the hard rock hotel in riviera maya.

    We are originally from lebanon , both of us . Living in the states its been 4 years now.



Zasil Studio Wedding Photography

Photo by Vincent

Keep on rocking you Baby

Photography by Vincent Ribon & assistant Alfredo

From the start Daniela and Mazen’s wedding fascinated and excited me in it’s particularity. I knew it was going to be different of any other wedding I had shot, but I had no idea…
A true church ceremony in the caribbean might not be that common. Yet it was not just like any other church wedding. For the first time in my life, I witnessed husband and wife beeing crowned. This following the Maronite wedding ceremony called “the mystery of crowning”.

Maronites, Catholics of near eastern origin grown out of the ancient Aramaic Antiochan, have their roots in Syria and later spread to Lebanon, home country of Mazen, where maronites live as a catholic minority next to a Moslem majority.
The Mystery of crowning, reflects the mystical wedding that eternally unifies Jesus and the Church.  Crowning signifies the beginning or establishment of a new kingdom which is based on mutual love.  The meaning of the crowning derives from the meaning of Baptism.  When we are baptised we are incorporated into the kingdom of God and raised to the dignity God’s children. Spouses to be, therefore, are crowned with a mission to build a little Christian kingdom, their home and family.  They will minister to them with the dignity of a“king” and “queen”.  They will increase God’s kingdom with new members, fruit of their love, by begetting and educating their children according to the will of the Heavenly King.

Daniela and Mazen did not want their wedding to be so formal and consciously choose for something different. From the preparation at the Hard Rock hotel with it’s particular ambience, through the unique ceremony and a party, dressed up with electrical colours, complete with belly dancers (a surprise and gift for Mazen from his red-hot wife); And Telefunka themselves for a Funky note to get the party started. Event coordinator Solen had a full team at work to coordinate the event as Mazen’s Lebanon roots, together with Daniela’s latin flavour indeed created an electric mix, the whole flavoured with Rock ‘n Roll!



Zasil Studio Wedding Photography

Photo by Alfredo


Photo by Vincent


The party couldn’t keep Daniela ans Mazen from an (early) wake up for their trash the dress photoshoot the next day. To start such sessions I like to begin in the more intimate atmosphere of a cenote and go to the beach afterwards, where the sun, such as the energy get high!

Zasil Studio Wedding Photography

Photo by Vincent

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